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This past weekend. Potluck with some friends. They’re big animal protein eaters (aka carnivores), so they prepared …

Grilled Tri-Tip Steak

Baked Salmon, Asian Flavor

The secret to the salmon is a coating of mayonnaise to seal the fish from drying out. I may try this one day.

We contributed a pot of vegetable stew (ratatouille-style).

Vegetable Stew

I know, it’s not pretty (didn’t have time to prepare it in layers like Julia Childs or Remy), just threw everything in a pot with a jar of pasta sauce and simmered. The Cat approved.

We also brought a box of dark chocolate matcha green tea and coffee chocolates from Chef Padovani.


I’ve posted about these before. The coffee bean shaped ones are coffee and the seven-sided ones are the matcha green tea. Did I mention that the matcha green tea chocolates were originally made for Iron Chef Morimoto? I think I did. The initial matcha green tea ingredient came from the Iron Chef himself. I don’t know where the current supply is from.

We ate, we laughed, and we teased. Good times.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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