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So, Sunday’s dinner (with the food exhibit) wasn’t something to write home about (see two previous posts). I think the food that the people on the table made for the exhibit was far better. However, the dessert from the dinner was something I’d like to try myself.

Red Bean Dessert Soup

Sorry, the picture is not the best, aesthetically (Chinese dinners tend to get a little messy).

In my opinion, Chinese desserts leave something to be desired (I guess I’m too far removed from the “motherland”). But this red bean soup with dried orange peel (not zest) was very good. As far as the scheduled dinner was concerned, the socks came off for this only. I’ve made the red bean soup before but not with dried orange peel.

I’m inspired. Stay tuned. Gotta look for dried orange peel at Chinatown.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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