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So, a friend of The Cat’s was organizing a “food exhibition” tonight. Last weekend, he called to say that there wasn’t enough participants and if I could contribute a dish. Sigh. That’s why the kitchen was a little discombobulated. There was no planning for cooking at the site. And no preparation area. Double sigh. I had to make something that could be eaten at room temperature. I decided to make bacon spread (I’ve posted about it a couple times before).

Jam Jars

I was going to present in one large container but then I found these cute jars, just right for individual servings.

Bacon Spread

For the presentation, I pan-seared turnip slices,

Pan-Seared Turnip Slices

and simmered Shiitake mushrooms in ponzu sauce.

Ponzu Simmered Shiitake Mushrooms

And plated individual plates for judging.

Here Comes The Judge

Alas, this did not win, not even place. To quote Yoda: “Wars not make one great”. 🙂  It was a huge hit at the table we sat on though. I brought extra for the public to sample. Didn’t turn out that way, we scarfed it at our own table.

At the request from a little friend, I also made a batch made with hot chocolate (no milk) instead of green tea.

Bacon Spread, Hot Chocolate Bacon Spread

I topped it with a sprinkle of Kauai sea salt. This one turned out very good (in my opinion) needs a little tweaking, but has great potential.

The kitchen will return to normal tomorrow.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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