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Checking out the stuff we bought at the Korean market over the weekend. First off, the wild sweet rice.

Wild Sweet Rice

This is what the grains looked like out of the package. I washed and steamed it.

Steamed Wild Sweet Rice

The rice has a slightly sweet taste. Maybe that’s why it’s called sweet rice (duh!). In keeping with the theme, I opened a can of prepared soybeans with chestnuts (see similar post back in June 2011 here).

Prepared Black Soybeans with Chestnuts

Ingredients include (besides the black soybeans and chestnuts) sugar, seaweed, salt, and MSG. I guess I was channeling Darth Vader or something. 😉

Turns out, the “sesame” leaves I bought were actually perilla leaves. No wonder they tasted similar.

Sesame or Perilla Leaf

The Cat ate them with her zhou (aka jook or congee). I used them as greens for a fried SPAM sandwich.

Fried SPAM with "Sesame" Leaves Sandwich

The leaves had a definite herby, minty taste. Very pleasant.

Even though the leaves turned out to be something else, I wouldn’t mind buying these again. Both The Cat and The Mouse enjoyed the leaves.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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