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A new restaurant in town, Katsu (3008 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii), specializing in katsu, tempura, and karraage. All the deep-fried stuff, Japanese-style. The concept is your entrée is served to you, but everything else (rice, udon noodles, miso soup, curry, etc.)  is on a buffet counter.

The menu is limited to katsutempura, and karraage. There was also a “mega-plate” which I think was a little bit of everything. I ordered the chicken karraage (boneless fried chicken, Japanese-style).

Chicken Karraage

This is the mini size, since I was going to take full advantage of the restaurant’s buffet offerings. I think other customers had the same idea since the staff was passing out a lot of foil wrap. 🙂

Miso Soup and Cold Salads

The cold selections consisted  of cold spaghetti, tossed greens, and cold curry long rice noodles. Each was pretty tasty.

Rice with Nikujaga

Japanese pork, potato, carrots, and onion stew. Not much pork but the vegetables were well done and flavorful.

Rice, Curry, and Japanese Pickled Ginger

Again, not much meat but the vegetables were well done, the curry flavoring was good too.


It’s make your own. Udon, dashi, seaweed, and tempura batter bits. Very good. The manager suggested eating the udon with curry. Nest time.

Dessert was mango pudding, Chinese-style (sorry, no picture).

Beverages are separate for lunch, for dinner, it’s included with the price (slightly higher). The good thing for lunch is that one price for access to all the beverages (soft drinks, coffee, and tea), alcohol is extra (as expected).

All in all, a pretty decent experience, the socks stayed on. I wouldn’t drive just to eat there, but if I’m in the area, a definite consideration.

Wishing all a Hoppy Easter.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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