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Cat’s Soup

No, not catsup nor ketchup, Cat’s soup. ­čÖé It’s still tax season. Ugh! The Cat’s been coming home kind of late. She wants light dinners. I used to make a vegetable dish and a soup but then there’s too much liquid before bedtime and The Cat has to get up to … (Sorry, TMI).

Lately, I’ve been making quick vegetable dishes that have broth. An example.

Choy Sum and Enoki Mushroom "Soup"

Mushroom dashi, choy sum, Enoki mushrooms, salt and sugar to taste. A drizzle of roasted sesame oil on top just before serving. The Cat is from Shanghai, they tend to add a bit of sugar to their dishes.┬áVegetarian and low-fat (and you thought we were serious carnivores, we’re serious omnivores). ­čÖé

It’s not really a soup (too much “stuff”), too thin to call it a stew,

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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