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We were out most of the day today. Will post about the food tomorrow. Since we go home too late for me to start her rice soup (aka jook, zhou, congee), she suggested soup noodles for dinner. Partly cleaned out the refrig and used some staples in the freezer.

The Cat's Noodles

Frozen look fun noodles, Chinese dried vegetables, fresh celery, frozen peas, mushroom dashi broth, and one egg = quick to prepare dinner.

Enjoy and eat well.

The Mouse

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An update from the previous post.

Over ten volunteers (I didn’t stop to get the exact count, I think it was closer to fifteen). Ingredients I had no control over. Pots not large enough. Finicky stove. One hour schedule. Dinner for forty. The menu: pasta with meat sauce, fresh fruit salad, tossed green salad, and Costco bought cakes.

I was put in charge of making the pasta sauce. A minute of panic. Had to channel Yoda (“do or do not, there is no try”), MacGuyver, the Iron Chefs, the Keystone Cops, and Sandra Lee (there, I said it). Ground turkey, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, pasta sauce in a jar, containers of grated parmesan cheese and capers. Browned the ground turkey, added the vegetables, and pasta sauce. Transferred batches to pans to finish in the oven. Once the only large pot got freed up, transferred the pans of sauce back to the pot. Ladled the sauce over the cooked pasta, sprinkled with the cheese and capers, and threw everything under ┬áthe broiler. Whew!

The Cat couldn’t attend (it’s still tax season). Picked up The Cat, so didn’t stay for dinner. I guess everything went okay (the local health department or police haven’t come to our door yet). Keep your fingers crossed.

No pictures, too much chaos.

Felt good to pay it forward though.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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