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Went to New Panda Cuisine again (see here and here). It’s gotten to the point where several of the wait staff recognize us (mostly The Cat, she goes more often than The Mouse). Decent food, reasonable price = cheap eats. This time around.

Daily Soup

Pork bones, carrots, black-eyed peas, and peanuts (The Cat found one peanut).

Vegetable with Bean Curd Skin

The vegetable was Napa cabbage. I was expecting a variety of vegetables, sometimes descriptions get lost in translation. Very healthy.

Bean Curd with Brown Sauce

Deep-fried tofu, Shiitakemushrooms, and Shanghai cabbage. More healthy eating.

Salted fish and Diced Chicken with Bean Curd

The least healthy dish we ordered, still relatively healthy though.

There  you have it tofu three ways. It wasn’t planned, just happened that way. Didn’t realize what we did until after we ordered. Maybe it was the universe’s way of balancing after the bacon and pork belly lately. In any case, delicious.

We also received mango pudding for dessert, free (for their grand opening promotion).

Mango Pudding

Nice way to end the meal.

BTW, The Cat wanted a picture of this.

Rice Service Container

One of the uncles gave The Cat the nickname of “rice pot” because The Cat  likes rice. Fresh rice and The Cat is happy.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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