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Chase Down Rice

It’s tax season. The Cat comes home late. Wants warm and light dinners. Most times it’s a small bowl of jook (aka congee, zhou, or “polar bear in a snow storm”). But The Cat does not live on rice alone. Needs a little something something to “chase down rice”.

My latest thrown together dishes, simple to make, easy to eat.

Sumac Cucumber Salad

Peeled cucumber (salted, rinsed, and drained), pinch of sugar, shake of sumac, dash of olive oil and rice vinegar. The sumac gives the cucumber a citrusy zip.

Avocado with Ponzu

“Recipe” from my father. Halved avocado, he used to add soy sauce to the cavity, I added ponzu (a citrus/soy sauce. Not as salty, gives a little tart flavor profile.

Enjoy and eat well.

The Mouse

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