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(Canned) Fish Stories

Some recent canned fish episodes.


This was not my father’s sardine and rice meal.

Came across a can of Japanese branded sardines (soybean flavored) from Thailand at the Marukai warehouse store.

Sardines in Soybean Sauce

The concoction was part brown rice, part brown rice medley from Trader Joe’s (gift from one of my cousins, see here, a blend of long grain brown rice, black barley, and daikon radish seeds).

Brown Rice Medley aka Frakenrice

I threw in a shake of turmeric for good measure (why? dunno). Actually, I was trying to make rice pilaf, but I didn’t want to buy saffron (it’s expensive, I’m not that crazy). Someone told me turmeric is a substitute

Laid the sardines on top (like before).


The sardines were a little to “fishy” for me. Not sure if it was the sauce or that the sardines were bigger than what I’m used to to. Still not bad. The rice was good, although I may tinker with it some more (not sure how yet).

Sometimes it’s not good to allow me in the kitchen. But then again, how else will I come up with new, exciting, and weird dishes (insert mad scientist laugh here). 🙂

Fish Steaks

Another favorite go-to canned food is canned fish steaks (with green chilies are the best).

Canned Fish Steaks with Green Chilies

Some steamed brown rice and I’m good.

Lunch! The Sequel

There’s a funny story (at least to me) about this brown rice. Several years ago, we had a new product that was introduced in our local markets, microwavable rice.


I bought one out of curiosity (this was when we still had a microwave oven). The package somehow ended up at the back of the refrig and forgotten. While cleaning out the refrig the other day, I came across the package, with the “use by date” expired.

Use By ...

Before throwing it out, I opened the package, smelled okay. I figured at least to warm it up and see (we don’t like to waste food).

Steamed Brown Rice

I think because it was in the refrig and not outside in the pantry, the rice survived. Anyway, added the canned herring steaks and I had “lunch!, the sequel”.

Sardines in Mustard Sauce

Never saw sardines in mustard sauce before. A variety of flavors on sale. Picked-up one of the mustard flavors to try.

The weather here has been cold, wet and rainy (relatively) the last couple of days, not in any mood to eat out. Steamed brown rice again (the real stuff).

Steamed Brown Rice, Canned Sardines in Mustard Sauce

Sardines were okay. The sardines in mustard sauce were not packed in oil (like the regular and the ones with green chilies). I think I’m used to the ones in oil and prefer them that way. I don’t dislike them but if I had a choice? The ones in oil (or green chilies) first.

Tuna, the other canned fish

Less you think I only eat canned sardines, I like canned tuna and canned salmon too. Sardines are easier. I always want to “fiddle” with canned tuna and salmon.

Steamed Rice, Canned Tuna, Capers, and Sumac

See what I mean? The sumac was another food basket item. Unlike the “chocolate truffle” stuff, sumac I love. The spice tastes kind of citrusy, lemony, perfect on fish and chicken.

With sardines, it’s open the can, eat. I can warm the sardines and add onions if it’s a black tie affair but for everyday purposes, a can of sardines is a ready to eat, out of the can, meal.

No current entries for canned salmon. We rarely have canned salmon. That’s really for the black tie dinners (I’m kidding).

Eat well. Enjoy.

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