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Dishes that don’t really warrant a separate post but still want to be exposed.

Mustard greens, two ways.

Water-Boiled Mustard Greens

Oil-Fried Mustard Greens

Sorry ’bout the steam fogging up the picture.

Spotted some pre-packaged seasoned pork at Palama Market (1210 Dillingham Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii) the other day.

Seasoned Fried Pork

Hoped it would be similar to chicharrón that the Filipino restaurants serve here. Alas, no. It was more like breaded pork cutlet. Not to worry though, I also picked-up choi sum (it was on sale). Used the pork to braise with the choi sum.

Braised Choi Sum with Seasoned Fried Pork

The batter helped to create the sauce/soup and season the dish. Might seem a little too saucy/soupy? I was trying to make it Shanghainese style. No complaints from The Cat.

Almost forgot one more.

Dried Chinese Greens and Fresh Enoki Mushroom Soup

One of The Cat’s favorite mushrooms. Broth made from shiitake mushroom dashi (home-made). 🙂


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