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Faux Hot Chocolate

Got this in a Christmas basket.

Coco Truffle Herbal Tea

Based upon the label, it had a lot of promise.

Back of Label

Especially the part of being “more gratifying than a chocolate truffle”.

The ingredients looked interesting.

Herbal "Tea"

It’s been cold and rainy the last couple of days, made a batch instead of my usual hot chocolate concoction.

Coco Truffle Herbal Tea

I should have paid attention to the label, it’s herbal tea, not hot chocolate. I was expecting “hot chocolate”. As a “tea” it was okay, as “hot chocolate” it was not. I missed the richness and full flavor of hot chocolate. I prefer ┬átea to be tea and hot chocolate to be hot chocolate (“east is east, and west is west …” and “two ships that pass in the night …” kind of thing).

The label was wrong, it was not “more gratifying than a chocolate truffle”. Chocolate truffles, I choose you any day.

I guess its fate is the back of the pantry. Too bad. Oh well, hope someone else likes it.


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