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Coupon in the paper.


The Cat knew the previous owner, she was curious about the new place. The coupon gave us a “good” reason to check it out.

Yesterday was rainy and cold. The Cat was in the mood for some soup, it counts as the dish so we could use the coupon.

Seafood, Young Bamboo, and Egg Drop Soup

The soup was very good. The socks came off. A definite order again.

Lobster with E-Fu Noodles

There was so much lobster for the two of us, we took home half and had it for dinner (Yay! I didn’t have to cook that much).

And last but not least.

Steamed Mustard Greens with Ham

Fresh and green. The Cat was enjoying this until she found a little worm. The Mouse had to finish the greens (not that much left) with the extra protein.

My favorite was the soup. The Cat approved to return (even with the worm).

BTW, one more thing.

Steamed Rice

The restaurant gave free bowls of rice. I can’t remember the last time a Chinese restaurant provided rice for free. I dunno if this is for their grand opening (and only for a limited time), or this is their regular practice. I was a nice surprise.


The Mouse

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