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Our Venn Diagram, Continued

My father liked haam ha sauce. Any chance he had, he would order “with haam ha sauce, ok?”.

Haam ha is a fermented shrimp paste known in the southeastern areas of China.

The Cat loathes it.

It’s not allowed in the house. Funny because she likes stink tofu. But then again, she doesn’t like natto either, go figure. That’s okay, I like haam ha, but not like like it as my father use to.

The other day, lunch by myself, haven’t had haam ha in years, if not decades (doctor’s orders, too much salt), I indulged and ordered haam ha pork on rice. By ordering it on rice, the portion is smaller than a full order. Plus it was $4.75, what a deal.

Haam Ha Pork

Definitely not for The Cat’s taste buds or her stomach. The dish was full of ingredients either not liked by The Cat or not agreeable to The Cat. The haam ha you know, not liked by The Cat. Onions, green onions, and garlic (those little white specks), do not cooperate with The Cat’s digestive system (sorry, TMI).

The dish was good, fishy (in a good way) and a little salty. The onions and garlic adding  to the pungent quality. My father would’ve approved.

Yes, the socks came off.

I probably have to wait for another decade to pass to order this  again. 🙂


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