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On a Mission

I try not to eat white flour, but I’ve heard so many good reviews of Nanding’s Bakery (918 Gulick Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii), I had to check it out.

Business Card

Their Spanish rolls are supposed to be out-of-this-world.

Spanish Rolls

I was told to eat them warm. I took them home and ate them for dinner. Even at room temperature they were pretty awesome. I can imagine them just out of the oven and still warm (next time). Buttery with a salty sweet taste going on. Yum.

Since I was there, I also picked-up a raisin roll and a anpan (purely for research purposes). :

Raisin Roll, Anpan

These were good too. But the Spanish rolls were the bestest.

Okay, back to whole grains tomorrow. Have to return  for more  study later. 🙂


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