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In the previous post, noted the owner of Morio’s Sushi Bistro (1160-A South King Street) likes his liquor. I was advised “if you want to eat, go early, if you want to drink, go late.” As the night goes on, the atmosphere could get loud and raunchy. We listened. Last night, our reservation was for the first seating at 6:00.

Menu Cover

Place Setting

Dinner started out with complimentary salad and appetizer.

Salad (Complimentary)

Appetizer (Complimentary)

On the left, egg omelet, on the right, marinated tofu.

Going to izakaya can be a challenge to The Cat (not enough veggies). We started with yamaimo salad.

Yamaimo Salad

For The Cat, it was serious like at first bite. The quail egg becomes part of the salad dressing and adds stickiness to the  already slightly sticky texture of the yamaimo.

Agedashi Tofu

Perfectly deep-fried, bathed in a light broth, topped with spring onions and grated daikon. Simple yet oh so satisfying.

Spicy Hamachi Roll

Not too spicy (a good thing).

A side note, if you’re counting, both the agedashi tofu and the spicy hamachi roll come eight pieces to an order. The Cat ate a tofu before I could take a picture. I ate a roll before I remembered to take a picture. We’re even. 🙂


Compliments of the chef. I think it was pajeon.

Soft Shelled Crab

The Cat is said “yum”.

I’ve been curious about chirashi, sushi rice topped with various sushi and other delectable items for a little while now. Decided it was time to get my feet wet. Price was within the acceptable range.


This was a pretty hefty bowl. Nice selection of sashimi, unagi, uni, and ikura. I can now happily say I am no longer a chirashi virgin. 😉 I would definitely order again.

Our last order is not on the menu. I asked for it in hushed tones. The server has to ask the chef if there’s any. It looked like the chef was judging whether we were worthy (I’m kidding).

Hamachi Kama

A huge piece (largest I’ve seen), broiled, crispy skin, meat as smooth and soft as butter. A moment of silence to thank the fish and the chef.

The total bill, I won’t go into details, let’s just say we dropped a fifty (with tax and before tips) and got change back. The Cat was in awe.

We will be back.


The Mouse


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