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Two Treasures Tea

There’s no such thing, I made it up. There is an “eight treasures tea” from the Yunnan area in China. It consists of goji berries,¬†jujube (a type of red date), dried citrus peel, dried ginseng root, rock sugar crystals, dried chrysanthemum flowers, green tea, and dried longan fruit.

I did try this once while visiting Hangzhou. I was sitting on the lakeside imagining myself a Chinese poet (nah).

I either didn’t have the ingredient or was too lazy to look for it. In any case, I made an herbal tea with jujube and goji¬†berries.

Two Treasures "Tea"

I did add a little honey after I took the shot. I didn’t count the honey as one of the “treasures” since it wasn’t one of the original ingredients.

Maybe next time I’ll attempt all “eight treasures”.


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