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Green River Fix

I was nearby Meg’s Drive-In (743 Waiakamilo Road, Honolulu, Hawaii) yesterday, so of course I had to stop for my Green River fix.

Green River

And I can’t just have a Green River, I must have something salty to counterbalance the sweetness. Upon request, the kitchen will deep-fry a hot dog for you (Michael Ching tipped me off about the deep-fried hot dog on Foodspotting: http://www.foodspotting.com/reviews/1093367 , thanks Michael).

Fried Hot Dog

Not fried to the point of splitting. Still juicy. Ohhh! Shhh! Give me a moment. Perfect with the Green River.

Probably not good for you, but oh so good! Once in a while.

Green River + Fried Hot Dog = happy mouse. 😀


The Mouse


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So far, whenever we visit Chef’s home, he sends us home with food. This last time, it was jook (Mandarin: zhou) made with one-day salt cured pork (Chef-made).

Jook with Salt Pork

The Cat + jook = happy cat. ^.^


The Mouse

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A Clarification

We interrupt normal postings for this message.

The Cat thinks the previous post was a little confusing. I used the word “leftovers” to describe the food that was served. It’s actually part of the offerings for the altar. After the chanting, bowing and prayers are finished, the food is eaten. I’m used to these types of rituals, forgot that others may not be so familiar. Sorry, my bad.

Normal postings will now continue. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

The Mouse

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