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Chef invited us for dinner at his house for “leftovers” after “bai pu sa” (end of year appreciation to Buddha). There were certain foods that Chef had to prepare for tradition (don’t ask me, I don’t know).

Fish, Fried

Shrimp, Fried, Black Pepper

Roast Pork with Bitter Melon


Hainan Chicken

The Hainan chicken is served with two sauces, chili sauce and ginger sauce.

Chili Sauce

Ginger Sauce

Hainan Chicken with Two Sauces

Chef served Hainan chicken the last time we went over. This time we requested the rice that goes with Hainan chicken.

Hainan Chicken Rice

The rice is cooked in chicken broth and chicken fat. There’s a special dark soy sauce that accompanies the rice.

Dark Soy Sauce

Chef can invite us for leftovers anytime. 🙂


The Mouse


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