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Our cousin B. One of her favorite poké dishes.

Uncle’s Signature Ahi Poke Tower

From Uncle’s Fish Market and Grill (Waterfront at Pier 38, 1135 North Nimitz Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii). Description from their menu:

A tower of sashimi-grade poke layered with guacamole and ahi tartar and topped with tobiko on a bed of rice and nori.  Served with tortilla chips. Our Award winning “Ahi Poke Tower” has become a fast favorite for visitors and locals alike.

A better picture  is on their website at http://www.unclesfishmarket.com/menus.

My own opinion, not enough poké, too many distractions. Might be a favorite of some locals, just not this local. But to each their own.

On that note, my definition of poké.


The only thing missing is a bit of limu. 🙂


The Mouse

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