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Pork Mountain

Stopped in at one of the chop suey houses the other day for lunch. The staff was making “gau gee”.

Making Gau Gee

As far as I can  tell, gau gee  is a local phenomena. I consider gau gee the bigger cousin to won ton. There’s more filling, and it’s sealed with a simple fold, I don’t think it’s meant to symbolize anything. I’ve eaten them deep-fried, steamed (with a spicy sauce), and in soup.

Side Shot

Gau Gee at 11 o'clock

Gau Gee at 1 o'clock

To put that meat mountain in perceptive, the bowl of scrambled egg that’s sitting on top is a regular sized Chinese rice bowl or individual soup bowl (the egg is used to help seal the gau gee).

Close Up

That’s a lot of meat. 😀

BTW: I think it’s appropriate I share with you a picture I found on one of the “I can haz cheezburger” sister sites.


I want this in front of my house or in my kitchen (if I ever get a kitchen that can fit it).


The Mouse


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