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Last weekend, we did some food exploring. I was going to write separate posts but ran into a brick wall on both. So as to not fall too far behind, here’s a catch-up posting.

Read some good reviews about Sure Shot Cafe (1249 Wilder Avenue, Suite #4, Honolulu, Hawaii).



If you blink, you might miss the entrance.


The place has a definite “neighborhood hangout” kind of feel. Even some of the customers act like they’re at home (a good thing).

Enough about the atmosphere, on to the food. The Cat started with a cup of café au lait.

Café Au Lait

She thought it was so-so.

For breakfast, The Cat ordered a waffle with fruit.

Waffle with Fruit

They serve waffles and fruit only on the weekends.

Side View

To fully appreciate the scale of  the waffle. The fruit topping were apples, bananas, and strawberries. While all of the components were decent, The Cat thought that taken as a whole, something was missing. I think because they only do waffles on the weekends, the waffle maker needs seasoning or more practice.

The menu on their website is not up yet. No eggs. Should have known better. Settled for a tuna salad bagel sandwich.

Tuna Salad Bagel Sandwich

Side Shot

Not bad, socks stayed on.

Next, The Cat has been curious about Jimbo (1936 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii) for a while. It’s also one of my aunt’s go-to places when she visits.

Menu Cover

The art looks like it could be a tattoo on someone’s arm (I’m just saying). I think the restaurant was one of the first in town to use “authentic”, handmade ingredients.


The prices were a little pricey, but since we were already here, The Cat ordered the Nabeyaki Udon.

Nabeyaki Udon

Leaving the tempura on the side was a nice touch.


Nabeyaki Udon, Detail

I think I mentioned that I tend to get bored with a large bowl of noodles. I went with a combo, plain curry rice and plain udon.

Curry Rice and Udon Combo

The side salad was another nice touch.

Side Salad

A standard tossed salad. Not sure what the dressing was (there wasn’t enough on, in my opinion).

Curry Rice

I thought the rice to curry ratio was off (too much curry, not enough rice). Could have been worse (too much rice, not enough curry). It was okay.


Udon in dashi. I don’t think I have enough experience to fully appreciate a bowl of plain udon. Maybe I should have thrown the excess curry into the udon. Nah, wouldn’t have helped that much.

Again, the parts didn’t quite add up to the whole. The Cat and I agree, udon is not our favorite noodle. Too fat and the broth is not to our taste. At least The Cat satisfied her curiosity.

Better luck next time.


The Mouse


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Rice is Rice, Sort Of

You may be a bit confused by the previous post. Here’s the back story. My experience with Arborio rice is only from the risotto at restaurants. Earlier this week, I came across Arborio rice at the local health food store sold in bulk, could buy as little or as much as I wanted. Bought a small amount to “play”.

Arborio Rice

The Cat isn’t into risottoand I’m not that thrilled about standing at the stove stirring a pan of rice for twenty minutes or so (I think I said that before). I made jook instead.

Arborio Jook

The rice was starchier than regular medium grain rice; the grains absorb more water than the medium grain rice. The Cat liked Arborio jook better than risotto. As good as it was, she likes jook made from mochi rice more.

Sweet Mochi Rice

Mochi Rice Jook

The texture is smoother and a lot stickier than Arborio rice jook. The Cat approves (I think the ranking for jook ingredients would be mochi rice first, followed by Arborio rice, then medium grain rice).

I even tried a half sweet mochi rice and half Arborio rice jook. I’ll spare you the picture since they all the jook pictures look like a polar bear in a snow storm. 😛


The Mouse

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