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After The Holidays

Okay, the holiday eating season is officially over. Back to the bitter needle tea (Mandarin: ku ding cha) routine. The tea merchant told us that it’s not too good to drink the tea on an empty stomach. A bit of chia seeds in warm water.


The same chia seeds that is put on terracotta statues to simulate green hair (no, I’m not growing green hair … yet). It’s okay, more for health purposes than enjoyment. Not much taste, the texture is a little slimy, like natto, okra, and tobiko. I prefer any and all three over chia. Oh well.

Oh, and I’m also drinking chrysanthemum tea throughout the day.

Chrysanthemum Tea


The Mouse

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Last weekend The Cat bought a coconut macaroon in Chinatown (see here). The macaroon was not what she hoped it would be. Too sweet, too much pastry, not enough coconut, not enough coconut flavor. This past weekend, she picked one up from her current favorite chocolatier (Padovani’s Chocolates, 650 Iwilei Road, Suite 280, Honolulu, Hawaii).

Coconut Macaroon

Full of coconut and flavor, not too sweet, just right. The Cat prefers quality over quantity.


The Cat

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