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Cheap Eats

Last nights dinner at Chodang Restaurant (451 Piikoi #110, Honolulu, Hawaii).

I know, I posted about this place before, but can’t beat their “all day specials”. The Cat and I ordered Bibimbap.


The Cat requested no meat in her’s. It’s not in a stone pot but for $4.99, we’re not complaining.

Last night’s banchan:



The chili paste on the kimchi is more bark than bite (a good thing).





We also ordered Haejangkuk (beef bone soup with cabbage).


For $5.99, a steal. Three fairly thick pieces of beef short rib (the same cut used for kalbi). The only complaint was we didn’t get a bowl of rice with the soup. I think it was we both ordered rice dishes. Booo, oh well, that won’t keep us from coming back (cheap enough).

For the two of us, less than twenty bucks for dinner (including tax and tip). Cheap eats indeed. 😀


The Mouse

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