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Seaweed Salad x Three

Robusta seaweed (at least that’s what the owner calls it) from Marine AgriFutures, Kahuku, Hawaii. I get to use some of the supply that’s not sold during the farmers market. According to our customers, they use it mostly as an ingredient for poke. I experimented using it as the main ingredient in salad.

The texture is very crispy (almost to the point of being too crispy). I boiled it for over half an hour to soften it up a bit (and it was still very crispy). Simple preparation, three variations.

Robusta Salad #1

Simply tossed with roasted sesame seed oil and Kauai sea salt.

Robusta Salad #2

Same as salad #1 with the addition of sliced Japanese cucumber.

Robusta Salad #3

Again, same as #1 with the addition of cubed tomato and white wine vinegar.

Forwarding this post to Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for her next Souper Sunday feature.


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