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Some products from my neighbors at the Windward Mall Farmers Market.

Atebara "Li Hing" Cookies

Shortbread cookies coated with li hing mui powder. Hmm. Interesting. These are going to my cousin P for taste testing (I’m too chicken).

Delish Kona Coffee

We’re sending this somewhere (I can’t post it here, the people read this blog, it’s a surprise). 😀

Gorilla Granola Mochaccino Homemade Granola


Mama 'Nita Scones


The left one is peach flavored, the right one is chocolate chip. Ate ’em with some butter, we just ran out of clotted cream (just kidding).

Lymey and Charlene Wilson's Smoked Fish

Smoked Ahi

These I kept for myself. Some smoked fish, an onigiri, and for a moment, all is right with the world. 🙂


The Mouse

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For Your Consideration

One Perfect Bite

Mass Quantities


The Mouse 😛

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