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Duff Was Here!

We were walking through Chinatown this past weekend. In the Maunakea Marketplace Food Court (1120 Maunakea Street, Honolulu, Hawaii), one of the stalls, Rainbow Tea Stop and Bakery had a prominent picture of two people, definitely not kamaʻaina.

Who 'dem?

Upon closer inspection, it was Duff Goldman (from Charm City Cakes and Ace of Cakes fame) and one of the staff! We had to try something from the bakery. The Cat picked a coconut macaroon.

Coconut Macaroon

She thought it was okay. She’s kind of spoiled since she tried one from Padovani’s Chocolates. But at a fraction of the cost, it is what it is.

I went with a custard tart.

Custard Tart

The crust was more like a shortbread cookie than the flaky crusts I’m used to. The change was good though, not as crumbly, easier to eat. I would buy this again.

Total cost: Fifty-five cents for the macaroon and a dollar for the tart. No tax. Good deal.

An unexpected surprise. Maybe when we become famous, we can get our picture next to Duff’s (just kidding). 😀


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