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Breakfast for Dinner

My father loved eating breakfast food for dinner, he probably loved eating breakfast food any time of the day. I think it was because the food would be fresh cooked (don’t ask). Anyway, I inherited that little quirk of his.

For the past couple of months, my Wednesday schedule has been weird. Except for some occasional snacking, my first real meal is at dinnertime. There are not a lot of places that serve breakfast all day (I can only think of Denny’s and Zippy’s nearby, the waiting at IHOP is too loooooong). So when Subway advertised its Western Egg & Cheese sandwich as it’s December special, I was curious. Picked one up yesterday.

Subway Western Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Choice of bread and veggies (a good thing). Most times its nine-grain honey oat and all veggies except for the jalapeno and banana peppers and no cheese (not because I don’t like cheese, it’s the lactose intolerant thing, sorry TMI). The sandwich wasn’t bad, not great, nothing to rave about, not bad. The egg was pre-made (looked like my grand-aunt’s doilies) and popped into the micro to heat. Not enough ham slices to make any impact. At least I got a serving or more of veggies, and the sandwich was warm (toasted). Beggars can’t be choosy. 🙂


The Mouse

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This was in one of the cookie baskets we received for Christmas. Cute ya?

Cookie Man

I hope it’s gingerbread. Never had a gingerbread man before. At least I don’t remember having gingerbread before. Saving it for  later.

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