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Wasabi Aioli

Before I started this blog, there was Queen Street Cafe. It was located in the Kaka’ako area on Queen Street (duh!). Part of their appeal was their grill out in the parking lot near the street. As you drove by, the smells of grilled meat would beckon to you like a Siren call. I thought the food was alright. What really got me was their homemade sauces and dressings. One in particular was wasabi aioli. It was spicy, creamy, with just a hint of sweetness. I put that sauce on everything, the green salad, the meat, even a little on the rice. Everything.

And then one day they disappeared. It wasn’t like the business was going down, as far as I could tell, business was booming. It was a little emotional for me. There was no explanation, no goodbye, just gone. Sigh.

The other day I was shopping for something for The Cat’s stocking (shhh, don’t tell The Cat) and was browsing through Yelp for suggestions for lunch. There was a listing for Queen Street Cafe & Grill (99-080 Kauhale Street, Aiea, Hawaii). Hmm, why would a company have Queen Street in their name when they’re no where near the area? Could it be? Is it possible? I had to see.

There was a grill outside (a good sign). The menu looked similar. I looked at the condiments and there is was, grouped with several sauces, wasabi aioli!


The wasabi aioliis in the back most squeeze bottle, the one tinted green. Where to eat is solved.

Na Alii's Special (Da Local Surf & Turf)

Kiawe steak and choice of spicy ahi tuna or ahi limu poke, I went with the spicy ahi tuna. Choice of white rice or garlic mashed potatoes (I got a scoop of each), and potato mac salad or tossed green salad. I choose the green salad (more things to squeeze the wasabi aioli on). As shown  in the picture, the wasabi aioli went on the salad and the steak. I resisted from squeezing it over everything (otherwise the picture would just be a green blob).

As mentioned before, everything was alright, very decent. I think the mashed potatoes were from scratch (there were chunks of potato). For me it was all about the sauce. Same as before.

Also ordered a Steve’s Frozen Chillers Mocha Madness Cappuccino.


Mocha Madness Cappuccino

Coffee, chocolate, icy, non-dairy. Yum.

Owner said she had some issues at the Kaka’ako location. She has a long term lease at the current location. Wishing her the best.

When I’m in the neighborhood Queen Street Cafe & Grill is definitely on the list.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.


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