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Anything Can Happen

Not sure if you know this but beef is not a favorite of The Cat.

Earlier this month, I received a sample package of Chyler’s Hawaiian Beef Chips.


Chyler's Hawaiian Beef Chip

The texture of the beef chip is not like regular jerky, it’s crispy.

Story goes that the business was started because the owner’s daughter, Chyler, is a picky eater. The beef chips is one of the foods that Chyler actually likes. You can read their story here: http://www.chylerhbc.com/about.html.

Turns out, The Cat likes this too. So much so that she including packages of these beef chips in several of her Christmas gift packages.

Did you get a package of chips from The Cat in your package? You didn’t? Did you get a lump of coal instead? Just kidding. 🙂

So see, a company that was started because their daughter is a picky eater makes a beef product that The Cat likes too.


The Mouse

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