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Friends had their Christmas party at Hoku’s (5000 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii) and we were lucky to receive an invitation for brunch.


They’re so artistic, they insisted on bringing their own decorations for the table. Because Hoku’s is at The Kahala Hotel & Resort, the theme of the decorations was the ocean.

There was too much food for us to remember, so just sit back, and enjoy (drool if you want). 🙂


Can you tell? Hoku’s is known for their seafood.



Sample of Desserts

Chocolate and Caramel Dessert

Dark Chocolate Dessert

The chefs also did killer rack of lamb and prime rib too.

The Cat wanted to try her hand (paw?) at taking some pictures:

Hoku's Famous Ahi Musubi

From their menu: Ahi Poke with Sushi Rice served Crisp Fried, Crab Namasu, Soy Ginger. that’s the description from their dinner menu. My guess is for the Sunday brunch, the crab namasu was eliminated. Too bad, I would have liked to try it.



If you look very carefully at the tart at the bottom left, you’ll see that the corner is cracked. The Cat took a bite before she thought about taking the picture, and had to reconstruct the tart. Sigh.

One of our table mates wanted to get in on the action too. She wanted a picture of her plates.



Not only did T&R treat us to brunch, they sent us home with more calories.


Scones and Cookies

From Fendu Boulangerie (Manoa Marketplace, Honolulu, Hawaii).

Thank you T&R. It’s always a pleasure.


The Mouse

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