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Last weekend, I attended a writers’ workshop geared toward food people. Sometimes it’s good to get out into the “real world” to interact with people with similar interests. The workshop was sponsored by Mariko Jackson of The Little Foodie blog (http://www.thelittlefoodie.com/) and featured Dianne Jacob, author of Will Write for Food (http://diannej.com/blog/).

To make a long story short. My take-away is that it’s okay to have an opinion, just be fair about it, and that every writer has to find their own voice (I’m still looking for mine).

One of the pleasant surprises was the swag I accumulated. Everyone received a food related book.


Mine was Poke by Sam Choy. Score! Other books discussed muffins, eggs, table decorations, etc. All worthy subjects, but poke for me? Perfect.

I also won a gift basket from Whole Foods, which I broke up and let the other participants have at it (sorry no picture). I did take two items out of the basket for myself.

Maile Kai Dark Chocolate Bar

Always wanted to try this (it’s for the flavornoids), heh heh heh.

Big Island Bees Wilelaiki Raw Honey

We can always use honey at home. I read somewhere that this honey has the consistency like peanut butter.


True enough. I’m putting this honey on my wish list (knocked my socks off).

Met other people with similar interests. I’m not that crazy after all, or there are people out there just as … (just kidding!). Got some useful and appreciated swag. Had fun and learned something (not in that order).

We’ve started an online “support” group, that should be interesting. Mahalo again to Mariko for putting this on. Mahalo Dianne for sharing. 🙂


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Eating Vegetables

The Cat wanted simple vegetables to balance out the party food she’s been eating during the holidays.

Steamed Vegetables


Nothing fancy. Fresh vegetables, steamed, no sauces, natural flavor.


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