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Small-kid time I was kind of a picky eater (I think most kids are). Biscuits and gravy was not high on my food radar. I didn’t understand the concept. Plus, there were not many opportunities for me to be exposed to biscuits and gravy (blame geography).

Because of more information on the internet, I began to get curious about biscuits and gravy. People were pretty passionate about their biscuits and gravy (there must be something to this).

I noticed a new eatery that opened: Kiss My Grits (1035 University Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii). Their biscuits and gravy selections were a little to overwhelming for a biscuit and gravy virgin like me. I wanted to try something that took less commitment.

Then I noticed Denny’s value menu has biscuit and gravy with either hash browns or a fried egg for two bucks. Perfect for a”first date, get to know you” kind of experience.

Biscuit and Sausage Gravy with Scrambled Egg

Okay, I get it. I would compare it to a hamburger steak plate lunch with gravy over everything or a loco moco. Not bad. I still prefer my rice and gravy, but I understand it now.

Since I was there, I also ordered their red velvet pancake hush puppies sundae (limited time only).

Red Velvet Pancake Hush Puppies Sundae, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cream Cheese Frosting

I kind of like these (their regular pancake hush puppies sundae is just so-so). It’s not gourmet may any stretch of the imagination. The ice cream is regular vanilla (not vanilla bean). But somehow it works (plus it’s also a two dollar value selection). The whole experience was less than five bucks (what a deal)!

So, a new food tried, a new food to explore, I’m ready for the cat-head sized biscuits and gravy at Kiss My Grits now (or any biscuit and gravy meal). Bring it!


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