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Back in August, I posted about Yotteko-Ya (1960 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii) (see here). The Cat wanted something soupy with vegetables. After kicking around some options, we took a chance and decided on Yotteko-Ya. If the traffic was too bad, it was the night before the marathon and traffic wasn’t too good, we would have to go to option B. I think we made it so that we were between seating rushes.

The Cat ordered her vegetable paitan ramen.

Vegetable Paitan Ramen

I think my picture taking is rubbing off on her. She had me take another picture after some rearranging.

Vegetable Paitan Ramen

Can you tell the difference? The Cat fished a carrot slice from the soup. XD.

I posted in August that the Japanese-style chashu from Yotteko-Ya was the best I’ve ever ate. That still holds true. I’m making a clear distinction between Japanese-style chashu (which in my opinion is more like either shoyu pork or Italian porchetta than Chinese-style char siu).

With that in mind, I ordered one of the combinations, Choice of ramen, three pieces of gyoza, and chashu rice (I think I did this the last time too).

Paitan Ramen

Pan-Fried Gyoza

Chashu Rice

Our server called the chashu “shoyu pork” which is a closer description than “chashu“. Oh well, what’s in a name. I also added a side order because you can never have enough chashu. 🙂

Side Order Chashu

Belly pork, slowly braised in Japanese seasonings, ohh! Faint!

The Cat’s stomach was happy with the hot soup and vegetables. The Mouse was happy with the chashu,  although next time I’m going to add the chashu to the ramen (it cooled off too quickly on the plate).

One more thing I have to share. According to an anonymous source, gyoza, or  jiaozi should have fifteen folds on the top. Just for fun, we checked the gyoza at Yotteko-Ya.

Gyoza Folds

I count seven folds. I’m not sure if it affects the taste. We haven’t tasted the ones made by the anonymous source yet (I wonder if he’s pulling our leg). More research is called for. 🙂


The Mouse

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