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The Sequel

We were out running errands and The Cat wanted either jook or soup noodles. We were near Chinatown, but some of the places that we knew served jook and or soup noodles were a little too grungy for her. Luckily I performed reconnaissance at Lam’s Kitchen a few day before (see here).

Duck Jook

The Cat choose duck jook. I was expecting large pieces of duck (like with duck noodles). As it turns out, the jook contained chopped up bite sized pieces of duck, which makes sense for jook (less wrestling). It’s not shown in the picture but the bottom of the bowl contained a bit of the duck drippings (au jus?). When The Cat stirred the bowl, the color of the jook darkened to the color of a light caramel. The au jus also made the jook taste like roast duck. A nice surprise.

Chicken With Bitter Melon On Rice

My choice. Flavor-wise, this was better than the chicken with string beans on rice from the first time. The bitter melon and black beans provided more oomph. Still had to use the hot sauce on the table though.

The Cat thought her jook was pretty good, she thought the consistency could have been thicker.

Overall, the socks stayed on, but it’s a good place for generous quantities and decent prices. Taste-wise could stand some improvement.  There’s always hot sauce. 🙂

The Trilogy

The last of the fish head soup (see here and here).

The final episode of the trilogy took a little longer than expected. Production had to be temporarily halted. The Cat took a break. She was using vinegar to dip the fish in (it’s a Shanghainese thing), and I think she ate too much vinegar (turned her stomach a bit sour). But last night I used the last of the fish head. Kept it simple, just the fish head portion, salt, and mustard greens (instead of Napa cabbage).

Fish Head Soup, The Final Chapter

The mustard greens gave more flavor than the Napa cabbage, so less ingredients were needed. I personally don’t think tofu and mustard greens go together so I left it out. This seemed to work out better for The Cat. Slurp. There may be more adventures with fish heads in the future, maybe next time with eyeballs, we’ll see (oh, I made a funny). 😛


The Mouse

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