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Friendly Reconnaissance

A friend recommended Lam’s Kitchen (1152 Maunakea Street, Honolulu Hawai’i) for lunch. He likes the concept of a simple menu (basically, almost everything on one plate or bowl).


They serve a simple menu.

Menu, Front

Menu, Back

Rice, jook, noodles and look funn with “stuff”. I believe they make their own look funn (they sell look funn noodles, for your own use at a dollar a pound, see the bottom of the menu).

Since look funn is supposed to be their specialty, I ordered the look funn roll (chee cheong funn, also known as “pig intestine noodle).

"Chee Cheong Funn"

There was a dipping sauce on the table.

Dipping Sauce

I think it consisted of soy sauce, and I dunno what else. It kind of reminded me of the dipping sauce used to serve Japanese cold somen or soba noodles.

I also ordered Chicken String Beans on Rice.

Chicken String Beans on Rice

Everything was okay.

One social app noted that the staff speaks very little English (I think everyone spoke Cantonese). This held true even to the channel on the TV.

Chinese Programming

The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous. The taste is not much to write home about (my opinion). Good thing there’s condiments (including chili sauce) on the tables.

I ate too much. Someone on the internet called the condition a “rice belly” (cute). I decided to walk around Chinatown to help the digestion.

I must say, the Chinese have the merchant business down to a science. Non-Chinese stores pay humans to establish a presence at entrances and exits to deter theft. The Chinese just feed their “loss prevention specialists”.

Loss Prevention Specialist, Chinatown Version

I think it was a “he” was checking packages when customers left the store. 🙂


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