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We were invited to a friend’s house for dinner the other night. He said he would make Hainan chicken. The Cat loves Hainan chicken. He agreed to make the dinner simple. He lied (he must’ve had his fingers crossed behind his back).

Hainan Chicken

Ginger Sauce for Hainan Chicken

Chinese-Style Beef Stew with Tendon on Chinese Broccoli

Fried Rice Noodles, Taiwanese-Style

Clams with Black Beans and Thai Basil

Braised Sea Cucumber

Fried Belt Fish and Shrimp

The socks flew off and disappeared. Fried belt fish is a Shanghainese dish and The Cat’s verdict was the best she’s ever had … ever. The shrimp was ¬†coated in a mixture of butter and salted duck egg yolk. I’ve never had shrimp like that before. The chicken was awesome, especially with the ginger sauce. Our friend said Hainan chicken usually comes with three sauces but he wanted to keep it simple. Hah!

Chinese White Tea

One of the best meals in a long long time. He insisted it was home style food (maybe his home, certainly not ours).

The next time, he said he would make mapo tofu and his wife would make jiaozi, he promised to keep it simple. I’ll believe it when I see it. Thanks CC.


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