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Uhm, I’m kind of weird. The people who know me are probably thinking what haven’t you told us that we already know. Let me explain. I love street food. But, I prefer not to eat “on the street”. I don’t like to be rushed when I’m eating. Eating “on the street” make me feel rushed.

Today, I was near Costco running an errand. Lunch was the cheapest I know of (besides eating from home).

Costco Hot Dog

A buck fifty (plus tax), drink included. I’ve eaten outside of Costco before with less than satisfactory results (I usually end up dropping or dripping on my clothes). 😦

This time I tried something different. I brought containers to take some condiments, along with the hot dog, home to eat.


In addition to the onions and relish, I used the sauces we have at home.


Horseradish Dijon Mustard Mayonnaise

We were out of ketchup.

Eating at home, I could control the condiment for each bite (I didn’t have to pile of everything at once). I also had space to read a book and listen to music (have to have the right atmosphere). I didn’t end up wearing part of my lunch. The experience was much more enjoyable than “eating on  the street”.

So in conclusion, I’m weird, period.


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