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Got Milk?

For TMI reasons I won’t subject you to, I’ve tried to avoid consuming dairy products for a while. I have lactase enzyme pills but sometimes they’re not as effective as I would like. Anyway, my stomach has been telling my brain that it wants dairy for over a month now. My brain finally caved in.

Armed with a handful of lactase enzyme pills, I entered here.


Probably not the first choice of many, but I like their Pancake Puppies Sundaes. And for two bucks, hard to go wrong. For the holiday season, they are offering a Red Velvet Puppies Sundae with Cream Cheese Frosting and vanilla ice cream. Had to order it.

Red Velvet Puppies Sundae With Cream Cheese Frosting

Money Shot

I was going to stop here but another holiday item caught my eye. Arthur’s Milk & Cookies Shake. The restaurant is promoting a new holiday movie, and the shake is one of their tie-in items. I didn’t want to tempt fate. The shake, along with the vanilla ice cream in the sundae would certainly overpower the enzyme pills. But then, I saw that it was offered in a kid size. I threw caution to the wind and sheepishly asked the server if I could order a kid-sized shake. No problem.

Arthur's Milk & Cookies Shake (Kid-Sized)

Vanilla ice cream blended with Christmas sugar cookies and topped with crumbled sugar cookies.

The sundae and the shake were very decent. They’re not going to win any gourmet awards (and they probably weren’t meant to). but for two dollars each, winners.

The good news is that the pills did their trick. There was a bit of gurgling but my stomach held. I probably won’t tempt fate like this again in the near future, but for now, my stomach is more than satisfied with its dairy fix. 🙂


The Mouse

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