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Resistance Is Futile

As far as I can remember one of our friends has been a fan of the McRib sandwich by McDonalds (some information on the net indicates that the sandwich was first introduced in 1981). He got so excited when it first came out. When McDonalds decided to discontinue the sandwich, he was not a happy camper. He still gets excited and happy when the sandwich appears for a limited time.


Up until yesterday, I was his doppelgänger, I had never tried a McRib. I decided to try it after I saw this video. The guy was enjoying it so much I decided to give it a shot.

McRib Extra Value Meal


McRib Sandwich


So how was it? It was okay. The pork “patty” sort of had the taste and texture of pork hash (in my opinion). As far as pork goes, it was a little too lean for me. I would get excited about pork belly sliders or a porchetta sandwich (I’m just saying).

Good to try though (finally!).


The Mouse

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