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Tease Not Teas

Okay, coupled with the previous post, I was trying to make a funny. These are some of the “snacks” I’ve had with teas in the previous post.


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Wafer Cookies

Dark chocolate and peanut butter, can it get any better? I think not. Imagine if a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Kit Kat bar were to have kids. (Our cousins brought it over, Thank you!)


Custard Tarts

One of my favorite places for custard tarts. Not sure if these are Chinese or Macau style, anyway, they’re goooood! 🙂

The next three pictures are of treats from Padovani’s Chocolates.

Apple Danish and Coconut Macaroon


Not sure what kind of muffin the one on the left was (kind of plain sweetened) but the one on the right was  full of whole almonds (not bits, whole) crunch, crunch, crunch.


More almonds. Crunch, crunch.

Last but not least …

Butter Roll

From Times Supermarket. Many many years ago, there was a baker in Chinatown that made these incredible butter rolls and his cinnamon rolls were to die for. I can’t find him anymore. I’m not sure if this butter roll is made by the same baker but it tastes pretty close.


The Mouse

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