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The Mouse 2.0

I’m trying to link social network platforms to this blog without much success. Sigh.

Please excuse the dust while I fiddle around.

Tomato and Sea Asparagus Salad

Tomato, sea asparagus, and sea asparagus salad dressing (you’ve probably seen this before). No added salt.


The Mouse


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Freshly Coned?

This post is kind of a continuation of yesterday, sort of. Needed a place to brainstorm with Q (The Cat’s cousin). Funny, I’ll select places to meet based on what I want for lunch (or dinner, or snack, you get the picture). Since we decided on sandwiches for lunch (I picked Andy’s Sandwiches and Smoothies), we needed a place nearby. A quick search on Yelp and a getting a little turned around (read lost), and we end up here.


I should have taken a picture of the interior, oh well. Imagine if you will, someone renovating their two or three car garage space and turning it into a large patio with a small bar/kitchen area. That’s this place. Kind of a local, rustic vibe going on.

Their coffees are made by steeping coffee grounds in a cone then letting the coffee “drip” into the cup (think something like a french press without the press, sort of).

Coffee "Cones"

Q ordered the “Hawaiian” coffee of the day (I didn’t take notes), and I ordered a decaf (I’m a wimp).

Decaf Coffee

Q’s cup looked the same, I didn’t take a picture.

Along with the coffee, Q got a slice of blueberry scone and I got a wedge of their daily frittata.

Blueberry Scone


I didn’t ask Q how her coffee was (maybe she can leave a comment), but she thought the scone was a little dry. I’m not a regular coffee drinker but I enjoyed my cup of decaf. My frittata had Hamakua mushrooms, tomato, and potatoes (they had me at ‘shrooms). I would definitely go back for the frittata (yes the socks came off).

A nice little place to relax and think. A good change from the rush of some other coffee place (that will remain nameless).


The Mouse

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