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A long time ago in a … (sorry). I used to drive by this place in the mornings, but never stopped, the area never had parking and seemed always crowded.


For reasons that are not important, I’ve been driving by here quite often again. A quick browse through Yelp.com and my curiosity is piqued.

Left the house a little earlier than necessary to swing by and try their breakfast special with fried rice: rice, two eggs (cooked to order), and choice of meat ($3.50 for white rice, $3.75 for fried rice, cash only, tax included).

Breakfast Special with Fried Rice

For 25 cents more, why wouldn’t I choose the fried rice (I’m just saying). My meat of choice, Spam of course. I think I usually pick Spam even over Portuguese sausage (you can take the mouse out of the …). 

Could someone please donate a “B”, Kthxbai.

As one review on Yelp noted you can’t expect fine dining. So true, but in context, the breakfast was really good (one sock came off). I felt everything was well done, not just thrown together. I would put this breakfast up against any fast food or “fine dining” place.

My one minor  gripe was the Spam came from the okazu-ya cabinet, so it was on the cool side. If they had just thrown it on the grill or pan for just a moment, two socks would be off.

The fried rice wasn’t packed with ingredients but the seasoning was perfect. The eggs were perfectly cooked (I ordered over easy).

The lunch selections also piqued my interest.

Lunch Menu

There’s even some Hawaiian selections.

Hawaiian Food Selections

I wonder how are their plate lunches. Have to come back  and try. 🙂

It’s a rough job, but someone … (hee hee).

Next time I’m there, have to ask them about the cookies.


The Mouse


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