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Tonight’s dinner was definitely not planned. This is what happens when there’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Nothing I can make a full dish of. If you consider the situation half full, then it’s zen cooking (doing without thinking). If you consider the situation half empty, then it’s making do with whatever’s on hand.

A little bit of the sea asparagus salsa verde and an opened box of pasta. Add a can of tuna.

Pasta Salad

One head of Shanghai cabbage, and a few celery stalks.

Look Funn Noodles with Vegetables

No soup or dashi, only the liquid from the can of tuna. Eaten with spicy bamboo shoots.

Chili Bamboo Shoots

The last of the pork belly (not spicy) and the last of the celery.

Braised Celery and Pork Belly, Chinese Five Spice Flavor

All in all not too bad, if I do say so myself. And the refrigerator is relatively clear. Yay!

BTW, to update, our cousins P&B put their stamp of approval on my spicy pork belly “jam”. B thought it was a little too spicy but liked the flavor. The Cat put her stamp of approval on the cucumber stuffed fishcake.

I getting the hang of this cooking thing.


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