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Our cousins P&B brought over a bottle of chili pepper sauce (Chinese style).


I think what makes it “Chinese” is the addition of black beans and radish (and MSG of course).


I wanted something to return the favor. A couple of weeks ago (see 5 Aug 2011 post) , I made my version of bacon “jam”. I thought the flavor of the bacon would clash with the chili sauce. This time, I used “black pork belly” from the Korean supermarket (it was on sale).

Black Pork Belly

Besides the pork belly (think uncured, unprocessed bacon) and the chili pepper sauce, I added one onion, dried chili pepper, ginger, garlic, a few dried plums (for balance), and green tea (instead of coffee), because we didn’t have black tea in the house.


Dried Chili

Green Tea

I thought the flavor of the green tea would compliment the chili pepper sauce better than coffee.

After rendering the pork belly and simmering everything together, ta-dah.

Spicy Pork Belly "Jam"

I think my instinct was correct, the smoke flavor of the bacon would have clashed with the chili pepper sauce. The large container is for P&B, one small container for The Cat’s cousin, Q (she likes spicy food), and the smallest container is for us.

The Cat assessment was it was very tasty, just a little to spicy for her.

I have some other variations in mind (cue evil scientist laugh). 🙂


The Mouse


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