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House Special Combination Plate

The Cat had a business dinner yesterday, The Mouse had to fend for himself. I wanted to try here. But there was a waiting line and no parking (this seems to be the theme this week). Second choice was here.

Menu Cover

Being that this was my first time, I ordered the house special to get a sampling.

House Special Combination Plate

Barbecue chicken, kalbi, spicy chicken wings, fish jun, and mandoo.

The order came with soup and banchan.


The soup wasn’t the typical seaweed soup. This soup was simple, sliced turnip in broth (I think it was chicken). A change of pace, in a good way.


More Banchan and Dipping Sauce

Everything was pretty good (sorry, the sock stayed on). I think this is a very good neighborhood restaurant. One thing that I liked was that the connective tissue between the bones and the meat of the kalbi was soft enough for me to gnaw on (I don’t think I’ve done this since me braces came off). Almost forgot I missed it.

Good to try (my opinion).

Reading reviews on websites such as Yelp.com can be double edged. On one side, the reviews (especially if a good number have the same opinion) can provide insight to a restaurant and its food before I try it. On the other side, good reviews could create an environment of higher expectations that may not be fair to the restaurant. Oh well, it is what it is.


The Mouse


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