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More Food Porn

Breakfast here with Aunty M this past weekend.


She likes the waffles here.


The Cat also ordered a waffle and added blueberries.

Waffle with Blueberries

The Cat had to make sure there were enough blueberries for each of the waffle “squares” (there was more than enough).

Veggie Scramble, Potatoes, Whole Wheat Toast

I ordered the veggie scramble with potatoes, and whole wheat toast (come to think of it, I think I ordered this the last time too).

French Toast, Short Stack

I was curious about their French toast the last time I was here. This time, ordered a short stack to share and try. The bread was good, but it wasn’t dipped in the egg batter long enough (no custard texture). Socks stayed on.

It’s always nice to meet up with Aunty M.


The Mouse


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