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We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

I’ve been wanting to try the fried rice musubi from here for a while (ever since I learned they offer fried rice musubi for sale, see original post here).


Stopped by several times and each time they were sold out (they only make a limited number and when they sell out, they sell out). 😦 They suggested I call ahead to hold one for me. Kind of felt funny to call to hold one but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Spam Musubi and Fried Rice Musubi

I also picked up a regular Spam musubi.

Spam Musubi and Fried Rice Musubi

I picked up the Spam musubi because I didn’t know the fried rice musubi included a slice of Spam.

Notice how the Spam is sandwiched between the rice? Not just on the top. The Spam musubi was good, one of the better ones I’ve tried. The fried rice musubi was OMG AWESOME! The fried rice was packed with bacon and eggs, and seasoned just right. It did kind of fall apart, but the taste clearly offset the little difficulty.

A definite winner!

Oh yeah, their pastries are pretty good too.

Big :). The Mouse was happy.


The Mouse


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