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The Cat went into the office to finish some paperwork which left The Mouse to wander around. I haven’t here for a while. The upstairs area used to be a mix of food vendors, tables, and groceries and merchandise. They’ve taken out the groceries and merchandise and replaced it with more food vendors and tables.

New Food Court Area

More Tables


I tried to get pictures of the vendors and food selections but they kept telling me no pictures. Sigh.

Since I was there, I had to try something (it’s a universal law). There were so many vendors and so many choices, I was more than a bit overwhelmed.

A Little Something Something

Clockwise from top left: fried rice, simmered burdock root salad, nishime (more burdock root, shiitake mushrooms, turnip, carrot), and teriyaki eggplant.

The rice used for the fried rice was short grained so a bit on the sticky side. More “Japanese” tasting than “Chinese” tasting (there were slices of Chinese sausage though). The burdock root is both selections were soft (a good thing).

Overall, not bad. Just be careful, everything is priced ala carte. A meal could become very pricey.


The Mouse

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