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Yesterday, I attended a Bytemarks lunch at Kapiolani Community College cafeteria.


School was out so I thought the selection was a bit limited (the short order station was closed). I got the plate lunch (two selections, rice, and vegetables).

Brown Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables, Pork with Eggplant, and Peas and Carrots

Overall, the lunch was okay (kept my socks on). I don’t know if it was because school was out, or what but the school is supposed to have an outstanding culinary program. Maybe it was an off day. Still cheap eats is cheap eats ($6.75 for the whole plate). Or maybe I had high expectations.

I was curious attending this meeting because one of the topics was to see if there was any interest in organizing a seminar/conference for WordPress users (big YES!). I’m excited.

Something I thought was utterly hilarious, everyone (but me) were exchanging contact information on their smartphones (and probably posting simultaneously on whatever social network they are on). Me, I had my Moleskine notebook and Parker pen out (Sigh). Afterwards, I thought, “to represent  what was, someone has”. And so it is. 🙂


The Mouse

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